Top 5 Location Tracking Apps

Top 5 Location Tracking Apps

If you are looking for GPS tracking applications that do not put your privacy at risk, then you should check out Glympse. This all-purpose, free GPS tracking app on Android can track your exact location without compromising your privacy. This application is great for tracking deliveries, notifying loved ones of your exact location as well as helping organizations locate employees. It’s easy to use due to its simple interface as well as the ability to adjust configurations.


Glympse lets you send exact location information to relatives and friends on your smartphone using the tracker app for location. You can choose to share your location: with your family and friends, with private groups, and using an interactive map. It is also possible to track your exact location with GPS for delivery and other reasons. The app can be sent the app’s location via emails, text messages, as well as third-party apps. Glympse is a great tool to protect your child’s safety.

Glympse is an application that tracks your location and was created over 10 years in the past. It’s simple to utilize. It’s simplicity removes the barriers that can prevent people from sharing the exact whereabouts. It’s fast, works on any smart device, and doesn’t take up much of your device’s processing capability. It will pinpoint your precise location in any situation including full-house concert halls or other events that are packed. This can be utilized to locate family members and friends, as well as to monitor a business partner or beloved one.

Glympse lets you make Glympse messages to any person. You don’t need an account for this. After you’ve completed that process it’s possible to give a Glympse to anyone. The Glympse location tracking app can be downloaded for free, and you are able to cancel at anytime if you do not find it appealing. Glympse is a business venture could be converted into a subscription service. At the moment, it is only available as a free download.


The family members can appreciate the Life360 app useful. The app allows the family to track each others and notify them whenever they move into a specific location. Additionally, you can set it to alert you whenever your child enters the school or house. The app has several other useful features as well with full track history, panic mode, and emergency beacons. You can not only locate those you love, but also you have the option to send messages to them.

If you’re worried regarding this kind of monitoring, you should delete the Life360 app from your phone. While you can disinstall the app to stop it from tracking your location, it isn’t enough. To erase all of your personal data, and also to stop Life360 from being able to track you again in the future erase all of your data from the Life360 account. If you’re worried about your privacy, you might want to purchase an app that spoofs your location to prevent Life360 from being able to track your place of residence.

If you decide to opt out this app, it can be deleted from your smartphone. You can download the app without cost through the App Store. The app requires internet access to run the application. Otherwise, you’ll have pay for a subscription to Life360. Life360 will offer your location data of your family. If you do not intend to sell this data you should delete your Life360 account now. It is possible to change the address by downloading iMyFone AnyTo.

Follow Mee

The location tracking application offers many options for keeping you in touch with your kids. This app allows you to locate your children, and send them updates about the location of their children to a certain email address or number. It is accessible from both Android as well as iOS devices. Register to track the exact location of your object and receive notifications whenever they change. You can also set it to wake your phone whenever you want.

The location-tracking app comes with several features, and it’s offered for free. The app also allows remote access via the internet for an annual fee. You may also stop the application on the device being tracked. This app lets you monitor your child’s movements in real-time and keep track of their movements. You can track your kids anywhere they go, regardless of whether they’re in school or running around.

A faulty connection to the internet or an error on the device may cause the issue. the FollowMee GPS Tracker app does fail to update. Try restarting the app and reloading the elements. The process should eliminate most of the errors. If you’re still unable to receive the software updates you’re expecting call customer support to let them know about the issue. They’re always happy to assist. If you’re concerned about your privacy, followMee is worth trying!


The Familonet application to track your location was created especially to be used by parents. It allows you to keep track of your child’s movements and stay in touch with the children. Familonet offers real-time tracking of your position via a map and push notifications. You can keylogger for iphone even use an emergency button that can be utilized to track those who are lost. Sign up for the free account and you’ll be able to make use of the application anonymously.

The safety app for families is available now on Android and iOS. It’s available no cost, however you are able to upgrade to get access to greater features. The app is compatible with every platform and works with AirDrop This means you are able to utilize it with any device in order to keep an eye on where everyone is. The app can be combined with other apps such as those that monitor your location. Alongside tracking your family’s whereabouts, you can keep in touch with stolen or lost phones, and stay informed about who’s where.

Another well-known app is one that is a GPS location tracking application. The app can be connected to an GPS network, allowing the user and others to share instantly the location of your loved ones. You can also transmit the location of loved ones to relatives. This can be a wonderful solution for helping if they become lost. Familonet is a great way to monitor your loved people and notify that they are entering or leave a particular zone. You will receive notifications regarding your battery’s condition, the time it takes to accessing zones, and in the event of a big modification.


GeoZilla’s GPS tracker app will help you locate your loved ones when you are worried regarding their security. GeoZilla’s GPS tracking app lets users to read and post comments on past locations, and conduct regular check-ins. Additionally, you can make alerts for the loved ones you cherish that send them notifications if they become lost. GeoZilla can also provide emergency contact numbers in the case that there is accidents. This is a fantastic option for families with teens or older relatives.

GeoZilla is completely free to download. Register on their service to install the application on your phone. After the application has been launched it is necessary to turn on your GPS. Your location will be communicated to the other users through emails. Accessing your location information will need either Wi Fi connection or mobile data. It is also possible to use a geofence zone to protect your property and loved ones.

It is possible to name the device and choose a frequency for notifications with the GeoZilla application for location tracking. You are also able to make emergency contacts available and also send an SOS notification by pressing the SOS button. You can also purchase more services for the application. It is possible to get a complimentary month of service once you have activated the application. If you are able to activate GeoZilla’s location tracking app, you can activate it. GeoZilla application for location tracking it is possible to alter the frequency at which location tracking is tracked and then send an email to your contact.

Google Maps

Are you curious to find out whether Google Maps tracks your location? Google doesn’t intend to turn you into a shaky victim of their location tracking program. You can turn off the historical location data on your iPhone or Android by turning on the option known as “While Using the App.” This can reduce the amount of data Google collects whenever you use the application. It’s probably not the best decision to shut off all tracking on location, because it can affect certain app features.

In order to make the most of the feature of tracking your location in Google Maps, you must initially sign into your account. After you’ve logged in you will be able to post the current position. You’ll be able to share your location with others. To turn on location sharing, choose the icon for location sharing (the plus next to a individual). The duration for the duration you want to share your address can be selected.

You can also track someone with the help of the location sharing feature of Google Maps. To track the person using this feature, it is necessary to have access to their mobile and passcode. You’ll need to enable the feature on the phone of the individual you’re trying to follow. If you want to disable location sharing, you’ll need to contact that they turn off the feature. You are able to monitor the places of the other people in real time using this feature. Sometimes, location sharing can cause annoyance.

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